Acronyms - The Mid-Terms of Wireless

Those four letter words that distinguish the veterans from the rookies to every topic. Every organization in business has them, wireless would just seem to have more. If you don't know the acronyms in wireless you are most likely already trying to play catch-up on the task at hand? Not to mention that if you don't know the acronyms discussed in a meeting, you probably do not even know what the task, tool, output, or concept discussed may even be.

Productive Engineering Email Template

Everyone has read an email that is really a chain of emails where the subject changed 4 times and the actual email subject line has little to do with the topic of discussion. It's this email mentality that often causes response delays, excessive emails in everyone's inbox, and unknown actions required by the recipients. Emails should be well thought out and focused on a clear, concise action. This template below was passed along to me once at a conference and I give the individual all the credit, however I don't know who they actually are.

Positive Email Communication

In working with clients, piers, and internal teams, written email communication tends to be norm. Understand that email doesn't always contain two things, context and visual intent. We have all had emails sent to us that seem mean, inaccurate, or outright accusatory. Then we come to find out we are taking it out of context. In utilizing email, keep a positive spin on all communication to ensure certain things are not read into the message.

In that spirit here are some common terms we use that may want to be substituted with a more positive context: