RF Design Through Milestones

RF Site Design services tend to come in two main forms; milestone and staffing. Milestone based design services offers more control to the client as well as increases quality of work in ways that general staffing cannot. With milestone services, the operator is able to control the number of resources for the particular place in the design process without increasing the expenses. For design projects, the beginning and end of the projects typically require more resources and the staffing agency would provide additional staff to meet the need.


Small Cell Design (Indoor) - Soft RF Considerations

Once the physical considerations of a small cell design are accounted for, there is the soft side of it that also needs to be looked at to ensure if fits into the overall network and provides the desired impact. There are many soft considerations on specific parameters that are unique to each vendors in terms of load balancing, offsets and such, but we will consider some of the major soft considerations that impact the design. These include:

Small Cell Design (Indoor) - Physical Considerations

When doing any indoor small cell design, it is important to understand that every building is different. These physical difference need to be accounted for in the design. There are many soft RF considerations as well, however we will focus on the physical considerations here. These include:

  1. Small Cell Distance
  2. Capacity
  3. Floor Design
  4. Model Tuning
  5. Cable Runs

Macro Reduction for DAS & Small Cell Savings

Proper macro cell reduction brings numerous values in terms of engineering quality and cost savings for Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) design, deployment and performance. Engineering teams need to focus on macro cells interference mitigation to any iDAS, oDAS or small cells network during the initial design. Macro cells often were designed to provide the coverage at the venues with new DAS. In order for the new solution to effectively offload traffic and provide the network quality it needs to be on average 7-10dB stronger.

RF101 - Fresnel Zones

For RF communications, a Fresnel zone, named for physicist Augustin-Jean Fresnel, is one of a (theoretically infinite) number of concentric ellipsoids in the radiation pattern of a circular aperture. Fresnel zones result from diffraction by the circular aperture. The cross section of the first (innermost) Fresnel zone is circular. Subsequent Fresnel zones are annular (doughnut-shaped) in cross section, and concentric with the first.


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