DAS Optimization Considerations

DAS systems are an effective way of adding coverage and capacity and have become an integral part of a wireless network to provide an effective solution in challenging RF environment. DAS solution deployed in various environments requires Optimization of the network in order to meet network performance requirements and excellent customer experience.

DAS Design Considerations

Coverage & Capacity: First consideration for a DAS design is type of venue/building that is the target of DAS deployment. A stadium will have a different requirements & challenges than a high-rise building in terms of number of sectors, coverage & capacity targets. An indoor arena would have to account for different event types to handle variably capacity compared to an airport. These different requirements will be key factor in determining DAS OEM, sectorization, Macro Interaction and DAS Handover zones.

RF Design Through Milestones

RF Site Design services tend to come in two main forms; milestone and staffing. Milestone based design services offers more control to the client as well as increases quality of work in ways that general staffing cannot. With milestone services, the operator is able to control the number of resources for the particular place in the design process without increasing the expenses. For design projects, the beginning and end of the projects typically require more resources and the staffing agency would provide additional staff to meet the need.


Acronyms - The Mid-Terms of Wireless

Those four letter words that distinguish the veterans from the rookies to every topic. Every organization in business has them, wireless would just seem to have more. If you don't know the acronyms in wireless you are most likely already trying to play catch-up on the task at hand? Not to mention that if you don't know the acronyms discussed in a meeting, you probably do not even know what the task, tool, output, or concept discussed may even be.

About RFAssurance

RFAssurance is a Telecom Technology Services, Inc department specializing in the support of wireless networks. RFAssurance provides support and consulting for RF RAN and Core Network tools, processes, and results to improve network design, optimization, and general performance. Our managers, engineers and software developers are subject matter experts with various design & optimization tools, database structure, web implementation, and their practical applications. For how we can help support your network, contact us via email at rfassurance@ttswireless.com