WiFi Calling Key to Network Cost Savings

With greater than 70% of wireless network traffic being indoors, the potential of WiFi calling addresses the two main issues facing today's wireless networks: Coverage & Capacity. WiFi is typically available in more difficult to cover indoor locations or is placed in public areas that already have high capacity requirements. It also allows for improved overall network capacity today through data offload.

Re-Allocating Spectrum

Low band spectrum (400, 700, 800, 900MHz) provides clear improvement to network coverage over high band spectrum (1800, 1900, 2100, 2600MHz) for wireless networks. Low band spectrum can give twice the coverage radius of a high band site while at the same time providing 6-10dB improved signal strength at the same point. The drastically greater coverage provided by low band spectrum may in tern be offset by increased noise levels at peak traffic times. It is best to offset low band systems with corresponding high band implementation of the same system.

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