Data Visualization

Expanding Data Visualization

The ability to visualize large data sets has become more critical than ever. The term "Big Data" has organizations compiling larger and larger sets of data every day. Unfortunately, the data needs to be brought into use to extract the value within. This typically comes in the form of data visualization. To display this data we need to move past the old line, bar, and pie charts. We must expand our abilities to represent multiple axis and variables in a single plane. This creates the need of new data types, binning structures, and simplification.

Longterm Data Visualization for Wireless Networks

As an engineering organization acquires tools, they also acquire essentially screens. The more screens a user has, the more likely he isn't going to utilize them. This then doesn't bring into the question the tools that were acquired and not used necessarily, but potentially just too many tools for the end user. If every tool is using a map to display data for instance, how many mapping front ends are required? As engineering tool platforms move off the desktop, tools in essence just produce data.

What Makes a Good Map

The ability to present clear concise geographical information is critical to any business. The wireless business takes that a step further with success coming from know where the positive and negative impacts to the network occur. The ability to create easily identifiable maps that can tell the story they need to makes for an improved engineering organization. The more quality looking the map, the better it will be accepted and understood by the final user.

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